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About Us

Kollekt was originally founded in 2016 in Portland, OR by owner Manny Santen

Manny had been an avid fan and collector of Sneakers, Art , Streetwear and Luxury-wear dating back all the way to around 2006 when he was captivated first by the Nike Air force 1's, LRG's "Dead Serious" Hoodie and later a classmate wearing a pair of the coveted Air Jordan 8 "Aqua" which he had gotten in a lopsided lunch time trade involving a Capri-Sun. This interest grew larger over time as he was influenced by both musical artists like Pharrell and Kanye West as well as athletes like Tony Hawk, Kareem Campbell and Ken Griffey Jr.

After being unimpressed by the lack of unique selection and knowledge displayed by many other shops in the field he was inspired to begin his own curation through Kollekt, although his experience with resell began several years prior. 

Kollekt began as an effort to provide something different. Not just a store focused on following trends and making money but a true curation that encompassed both his growing personal interests and a reflection of the market as a whole. 

The goal for the brand is to grow from a small idea into a much larger movement, continuing to carefully curate product from brands big and small while beginning to release it's own collections that center around pop culture, community, social commentary, humor, and much more! 

Why is it called Kollekt? Because at our core that is what we represent, the simple idea of collecting something: whether it's sneakers or art, baseball cards or stamps. Collecting is what keeps us all tied to our youth and as ridiculous as it may sound for many of us it is a large piece of who we are and who we will become as people. 

NEVER stop Kollekting!